Microsoft Dynamics Snap Phase 1.5 ist verfügbar

Seit einiger Zeit ist bekanntlich auf der Microsoft Dynamics Sandbox die eine oder andere Erweiterung für Microsoft CRM (und andere MBS-Produkte) verfügbar.

Die Wordintegration gibt es nun aktualisiert in einer Version 1.5

Microsoft Dynamics Snap Sandbox:

After a successful release of the Snap-ins in Feb '06 (Phase 1), the Microsoft Dynamics Snap team received a lot of positive feedback from the partner community based on which the Snap team has made a few enhancements to the earlier snap-ins. Phase 1.5 of the Microsoft Dynamics Snap program is a minor release following the Phase 1 release and comprises of a few bug fixes, source code enhancements to increase support for Localization and minor feature additions to the Business Data Lookup Snap-in for both Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The releases can be downloaded from the "Downloads" section on our home page and their source code is available in the Shared Source section.